Since 2016

Seville Orange Marmalade                               £   3.00
Seville Orange and Ginger Marmalade          £   3.00​

Standard marmalades are supplied in approx. 450g

round jars

Speciality marmalades and all other preserves are supplied in our square branded jars of approx. 250g, apart from the Membrillo which is in 115g tubs and 50g taster pots.

Tart lime and gin marmalade              £  2.50

Redcurrant jelly                                      £  2.50 
Membrillo (50g  taster pot)                   £  0.60 
Membrillo (115g)                                    £  1.50 
Pumpkin and quince chutney              £  2.50 
Onion chutney                                        £  2.50 
Red onion chutney                                 £  2.50 
Piquant piccalilli                                      £  2.50 

Preserves are seasonal and except for marmalade, are made with produce sourced locally, usually from our own garden!

Currently still available are: