Victoria plum jam*                                   £ 3.00
Syston plum jam*                                     £ 3.00

Plum chutney*                                          £ 3.00

Tomato ketchup                                     £ 3.00 
Piquant piccalilli                                      £ 3.00 

Assorted mini Jars                                  £ 1.00

Preserves are seasonal and except for marmalade, are made with produce sourced locally, usually from our own garden!

Our current range includes:

Speciality marmalades and all other preserves are supplied in our square branded jars of approx. 250g or in Mini Jars​

* Preserves are made from our own organic produce

The Syston White plum is a local heritage variety selected to flower later and survive frosts

   Since 2016

We also stock

The Bee Farmer Honey

454g size                                     £7.00

227g size                                     £4.75

The Bee Farmer Honey comes from Ashby de La Zouch

"Honey as the bees enjoy it. The honey is warmed just enough for it pass through the filters. The filters are coarse enough to allow the pollen grains, micro-nutrients and trace elements to pass. Jar, lid, label and that is it."

Award Winning Seville Orange Marmalade £3.50

Seville orange and ginger marmalade          £3.50   ​​
Standard marmalades are supplied in approx. 450g round jars