Since 2016

Seville Orange Marmalade    

Out of stock until January 2021

Standard marmalades are supplied in approx. 450g round jars

Our current range includes:

Speciality marmalades and all other preserves are supplied in our square branded jars of approx. 250g or in Mini Jars​

Tart lime and gin marmalade               £ 2.50

Beetroot Chutney                                   £  2.50
Red onion chutney                                 £  2.50

Spicy Tomato and Onion Chutney       £  2.50 
Piquant piccalilli                                      £  2.50 

Pear and Walnut chutney                     £  2.50

Courgette relish                                      £ 2.50

Pink Grapefruit marmalade                  £  2.50

Cauliflower piccalilli                                £ 2.50

Mini Jars of most preserves                   £ 1.00

Preserves are seasonal and except for marmalade, are made with produce sourced locally, usually from our own garden!