Our passion is to make delicious long-fermented bread using the best quality ingredients and traditional methods. All our bread is made allowing time for the full flavours to develop before baking on the morning of sale. What's more most of our bread is made by the sourdough method. This technique uses natural yeasts and allows the bread to rise over a longer time period resulting in a distinctive and deliciously tangy flavour.  The natural yeasts in sourdough also mean it keeps much longer than ordinary bread, up to several days to eat fresh and up to a week for toast. It also freezes well. This always assumes of course you can resist eating it as soon as you get it home!

The only ingredients are flour, locally sourced where possible, yeast, salt and tap water, together with additions such as seeds, nuts or fruit. We do not use additives or preservatives and thus we have signed up for the Real Bread Loaf Mark scheme.

The bread is baked at our home and sold the same day either at farmers markets during the week or delivered locally if pre-ordered at weekends. We also make home-made preserves from the produce of our garden. Both bread and preserves can also be collected from Church View Nursery in Barkby.

We will only bake around three types of loaf each week, varying with the seasons, and usually chosen from our regular 
product list.

Our facebook page will show on Monday what we will supply that week and we will happily take orders for collection – it’s one way you can guarantee you get the loaf you want!

Best of all we are also delighted to bake bread specific to your requirements for local events and one off occasions. We will work with you to tailor size, shape and flavour to make sure you get the bread you want. An old-fashioned bespoke service. Contact us to discuss your needs.

We support the Campaign for Real Bread and are on their Real Bread Finder map.

Our Bread

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